ERL S2R5 The Ironman Triathlon

The Ironman Triathlon
Event will run Sunday, December 20th. 2009      

9:00 PM Eastern
8:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Mountain
6:00 PM Pacific

Preregistration is NOT required but reading the
arena message IS. Please review the arena message
before asking the CM questions about the course.

Hosted by: Marshal & SheGotYa

Plane Choice by: 1MADDOG1 --- A6M5B

***Please read the details below in order***
***to cut down on unnecessary questions. ***

Terrain - Okinawa
Start Field - A13 (Knight)
Vox/Text - Both 200
Vehicle: Jeep
Aircraft - A6M5B
Fuel Burn Rate - 3.5
Fuel Load Out - Your Choice   *NO DROPS
Pitstops - 1 mandatory at racers discretion
Takeoff - SouthWest
Views Enabled - F1, F3 (External) and F5 (Gods Eye)
Heats - 1
Laps per Heat - 12
Start Type - Immediately after finishing jeep portion
Running finish into the Map Room at the town

Course Description:

(jeep portion)
This will be a start from the VH with the finish being the Indestructible hanger on the big pad

(air portion and foot race)

1. Take off on SW runway

2. Make a left turn around the field radar tower and head towards A13 town

3. At the town make a left 180 turn around the water tower  "Gate Turn"

4. Make a right turn past the radar tower near the large tank  "Gate Turn"  Radar/Radar

5. Make a left turn past the northern radar tower, head for the city located near the lake

6. At the city you will fly under the bridge going S to N

7. After exiting the bridge, you may turn left, right, yo yo, loop, etc. and pass back through the
bridge heading N to S

8. After exiting the bridge the second time, head back to A13 field and make a right turn past the
water tower

9. After passing the water tower, fly through the N BH on the big pad

10. After flying through the BH make an immediate left turn and fly through the S BH on the big pad

11. Upon exiting make a right turn and fly through the double BH for the end of the lap
(to finish the race you will fly through these hangars a total of 12 times)

12. After exiting the double BH, turn LEFT and head back to the town

After your 12th. pass through the double BH, head to the town and you may either land or bail and run to the map room and
enter it.

Winner of the event is the 1st. racer to enter the map room.

Hint(s) for this race:

Practice target bailing at a map room the finish line will be the inside of the field maproom

Make sure you know your run/walk/turn key mappings for your paratrooper

Brush up in a jeep

Pitstop Rules:

Racer must make a RIGHT turn out of double BH to show their intention to pit
Pitting may occur only after passing through the double BH
All rearm pads are open
Racers must receive a "successful rearm" message
After pitting, you may take off any direction and head to the town

If you wish to change your fuel loadout during the race, you may do so

Logs will be reviewed to verify all racers pitstops and fuel loadouts

All attempts must be made to successfully land and rearm

If you crash (or other mechanical problems) while attempting to land and rearm,
you may re up and taxi to the nearest pad to receive your message


If you crash at any time, a 2 pt penalty will assessed
You may re up immediately on the SW runway and rejoin the race
You will repeat the the lap you actually crashed on
You may not rearm if the crash occurred when not attempting to pit
You will be considered as completing a lap if crash at any point in the double BH's

10 pts for attending
5 pts for leading a lap (must be the 1st. through the DBH to receive this)
5 pts for most laps lead
5 pts for winning the jeep portion
5 pts for winning air portion  (1st. through the DBH at the end of lap 12)

Jeep Portion

Jeep Portion Town Part Close Up

Air Portion